Our vision is of a place for you and your dog to enjoy the wonder of play and learning without interaction from other dogs. We provide a large in-ground dog swimming pool, the equipment, the guidance and the private indoor space. You provide the fun! We are not a dog park or a traditional dog daycare, we are a unique place with activities your dog will love and activities you will love to do with your dog, however we do have a drop-off program. All of our activities can be customized based on your dog’s unique personality and preferences.


  • Reserve a play space for you and your dog.


**********POOL POLICY************

All of our Pool appointments require that you have an orientation or a Swim Class prior to booking.
Learn More about the Pool and Swimming

**********PLEASE NOTE THE NEW TRACK POLICY************

Your first TRACK appointment is an orientation (with you and your dog) to show you how to use the available equipment.  We will help you with all of the equipment we have available and show you all of great ways to have fun with your dog. We have jumps, tunnels, balance boards and lots of balls. The Lower Level areas are reserved for training work and you must be in an Agility or Competition Obedience class to use those areas.

Things you should know before you come

  • You must register as a customer and have your vet records faxed or bring them with you prior to participating in activities.
  • We do not allow prong, choke, electronic collars or Flexi Leads on the grounds at Lap it Up. We recommend and sell the Freedom Harness and Sporn Harness as great alternatives. The Freedom harness comes with it’s own special leash. This is not the over the nose harness and this is not a harness designed to encourage pulling.  Click on the link to see it in action! Freedom Harness in Action We have them for you to try before you buy.
  • Some dogs that come to Lap it Up are a bit grouchy:-) and we welcome and love enthusiastic, friendly dogs too. We do ask that no matter what kind of dog you bring to the facility that you have control at all times to give each dog adequate space. You are allowed multiple dogs in the play areas but we ask that you bring them in under control or one at a time. We will be happy to assist you with this.