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For lack of a better term we are like a YMCA for dogs.  We have classes both day and evening.  We have organized games and events that you can bring your dog and participate and we have programs that allow you to drop your dog off and we play and train them.  We have a swimming pool that your dog can swim in.  We even have play spaces that are available for rent* restrictions apply.    We are NOT an off leash dog park. Take a Google virtual tour


5420 NC 55 Durham, NC

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We have some fun scheduled activities that you can join once you fill out your

customer form.  These require no class or prior experience.  Visit our activity

calendar to see the scheduled for Track Zoom, Recall Practice, Hide n Seek and

Obstacle Challenge Games.  If you are a customer and in a class we allow you to

reserve space for play and training.

Puppy Programs!!  Off-Leash Class starts soon

So much focus has been placed on obedience for young puppies but are we

missing the big picture??  I meet a lot of puppies who are not in a puppy class or

and they are not learning how to live in a human world.  I think many owners 

don’t understand that puppy class is not just about sit, down and stay.   Visit our

puppy page  to see what is important to teach a puppy and what we offer

Interested in starting Agility?

We have Introduction to Agility classes starting soon.  Learn to get your dog go

through a tunnel, jump through a hoop or climb the A-frame. New classes start

soon.   check the schedule

Interested in other classes?

We are not just about agility.  We have lots of other classes that are fun and

enriching.  Most of the time you can find what you are looking for.  New classes

starting all of the time.  See our class list  for all of the classes we offer.

Wild to Wonderful Program

If you want an intensive training program or you are looking for a dog training

boot-camp to help train your dog to be a great well mannered pet, this is the

perfect program.  Wild to Wonderful is an intensive program where YOU actively

participate and learn how to get your dog to work with you.  This is for dogs over

6 months.  Check out our Wild to Wonderful program to see when the next

program  start occurs.

Pool and Swimming?

Lots of people and their dogs are interested in the pool.  Our pool is all private

rental meaning we don’t have group swimming with dogs you don’t know.  We

have a few requirements prior to using our pool so visit the swimming page to

learn more.

Day School

Coming soon...Wild to Wonderful drop off program.  The next best thing to board and train!

If you want your dog to enjoy all of the fun actives and training opportunities at Lap it Up while you

are at work we have a day school program for your dog.   All of our interactive games and activities

are available and designed to provide mental and physical stimulation while working on basic manners.

Visit our  Day School page.

Overview of cool things you can do here
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If you are new to Lap it Up Please visit the “Getting Started” page to learn more about what we do, what we require

and how you can start enjoying the activities at Lap it Up.

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