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All of our classes are taught with positive reward systems.  We have a large variety of topics and you are sure to find something you can do with your dog.  Please note that you may view the classes but in order to sign up for a class you must first be a registered customer and have a signed waiver form.  If you are not a customer please sign up via  the form on the getting started page.


If you don’t know what this sport is all about

we invite you to view this video.  It’s fast & it’s

fun.  We offer you the ability to sign up for

individual classes as your schedule permits.

 Obedience & Rally Competition

If you are interested in competing or learning about Competitive Obedience or Rally our classes provide a great way to learn all about the sport as well as to hone your skills if you are already competing.  Please note these classes are held on Friday nights but do not occur on a regular schedule.  We often offer competitions at our site through the local C2P2 Club.  If you do not have the ability to heel please see below our heel work class under our specialty classes.
Competition Obedience Canine nosework


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Class offerings: To see the dates and get more information click the view button Once there click the green “+” sign to sign up or click the blue “i” to learn more.  If there is no scheduled class or we are in the middle of a session email us to see when it will be offered again or to get on a wait list.

Beginner Agility

If you are interested in Agility this is the place to start.  Agility is an active sport for almost any type of dog.  There are no pre-requisites for Introduction to Agility class but in general your dog should be at least 7 months of age.   There are two introductory classes  in the beginners series and you must take each to continue to the next step.  Sessions are 4 classes $90

Intermediate Agility

Once you have completed the introduction to Agility classes you are now ready to move into an intermediate class.  If you have participated in an Agility class elsewhere you are welcome to join us at Lap it Up.  Send us an email so we can help you choose the correct class.

Small Dog Agility

If you have a small dog and are looking to participate in a class specifically designed for small dogs we have some wonderful small dog Agility classes on Wednesday nights.   We use the TDAA (Tea Cup Agility) equipment.  You must first complete the series of beginner Agility classes.
Competition Obedience Dog agility Practice Canine nosework


The nose knows.  Scent work if a great dog sport and can be fun for all dogs and owners a like.  If you know know what Scentwork is all about take a look at this video to view the dogs in action.  We teach your dog to find 5 scents so if you choose to compete in trials when you are ready or you can just use to entertain your dog.


If you would like to introduce your dog to swimming this class is fun and exciting.  We can’t promise your dog will like the water but we can promise a nice introduction for your dog and a fun time for all. 

Wild to Wonderful

This class is for dogs that are too old for puppy class and some basic manners are needed.  We have an entire page dedicated to explaining this class. This link will take you to a graphic that explains the program and sign up process.
Dog agility Practice Canine nosework View View View View View View View View View Competition Obedience Canine nosework Canine nosework Canine nosework Dog agility Practice

Obedience and Rally

Therapy Dog

This class will prepare you to take the test for any organization that certifies therapy dogs.  You should have some basic skills like walking nice on a leash, sit, down and stay.

Recall come when called

This class is all fun and games that make your dog want to come when called.  You will learn the basics of how to get your dog to come when called.

Intro to Heelwork for sports

If you are interested in any sport that uses heeling like Oedience, Rally and Freestyle you will need to teach your dog to heel.  This class prepares you for those classes by teaching you the basics of training your dog to heel.
Dog agility Practice Canine nosework View View View Canine nosework Dog agility Practice View View View

Puppy  off leash and in control

For puppies 8 -18 weeks.  Our Puppy classes are taught off leash so your puppy learns to stay with you from day one.  We will focus on the critical stages of development in a puppies life.  Also take a look at our puppy page to learn more about what your puppy needs. For more puppy information go to our puppy page

Specialty Classes  These classes are only offered on a limited basis