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If you don’t have time to train or play with your dog, or if you want your dog to have fun and learn while you are at work, our day program for adult dogs and puppies can be a great resource.   Our program costs a bit more but in return you get a LOT more.  We take dogs that do not like other dogs and we allow intact males because our program is about giving dogs what they need.   We practice good manners at all times. We have a full time certified trainer working with the dogs.  Puppies are given priority space in the program  If you have a puppy click here.


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Lap it Up has a unique program that allows almost any dog the opportunity to enjoy a day out.  Our day care/ training program is limited to 12 dogs per day.  Programs start at $40 per day for puppies up to 6 months and $45 per day for adult dogs.  From there you can add specialized training requests. More details below..... Our day program is structured a bit different than most dog day cares.  We  work on the social component as well as training and enrichment. We train during play.    We limit the program to 12 dogs per day and have several staff members so we can give each dog the time and attention they deserve. The dogs have a ton of fun because of the different activities and games we play with them.  All training is fun and positive and we help you to learn the games too! Staff will be working with your dog one on one as well as group play (if appropriate).  Our  philosophy: Every interaction is a training opportunity. What this means is we are always helping the dogs to learn and practice good behavior.   When going from inside to outdoors to potty, going in and out of a crate,  playing with humans or another dog we make sure  they are practicing good manners and impulse control.  Puppies have a special program listed on the puppy page. You can drop your dog off as early as 7:30 and pick up is by 6:00 pm.  The cost will depend on a few things, what you want your dog to do during the day, how well your dog fits into the environment and what we need to work on while your dog is here.  Our evaluation day for adult dogs is $50  (6+ months and above), your dog will get training on that day.  Once we evaluate the dog the weekly or daily cost will depend on several factors but range from $45 to $55. If your dog is reactive around other dogs or is choosy about the dogs in the play sessions, choosy about people or you want additional training for a specific issue like walking on a leash, coming when called or the Wild to Wonderful program the cost will be at the higher end.

Day Program activities to go along with play & training

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