Dog Training Classes

When you are not training your dog your dog is training you!  Our training programs help your dog LEARN to make good choices.  Our methods are positive so they are fun for you and your dog.  All classes are indoors.  We have got Dog Sports covered with classes for the active dog like agility classes and some that are appropriate for any age and any condition like Nosework.   We stress foundation skills so you can have a top notch performer or a great family pet.


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** Our policy states you may not train with or use a choke chain, prong collar or shock collar in our facility 

If you are currently using this type of collar we would love to show you an alternative that will make you

and your dog more comfortable.   We promote and sell the Freedom and Sporn harnesses as alternatives.

The color of the square lets you know the status of the class Canceled Class Nothing Scheduled Start Indicates The first day of class in the series Open  Indicates The class is on an open enrollment schedule and you may sign up for an individual class 2-5 The number of the class in the series.  2 would be the second class 3 the third...End Enroll in the class Get more information Class Session scheduled

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