Getting Started

Lap It Up is an excellent way to provide your dog with enrichment through the opportunity to be trained, to swim, to participate in dog sports.  The emphasis is on you playing and working with your dog not playing in groups with other dogs.  We have lots of equipment you can use to play with your dog.   When you participate in our classes you can reserve the space to practice what you have learned.  Please note this is NOT an off leash park.  All of the activity is on the schedule or by appointment.

STEP ONE (registration)

Fill out the Customer Entry form to the right so you can register for activities and classes.

STEP TWO (your first visit)

Once you have submitted the from and checked your email for the waiver link you are ready to come to any class, activity or  schedule the required introduction to the pool.  Visit the pages for things that interest you using the links at the top to learn more.

Vaccination Requirements

On the first visit please bring in a receipt showing you are current on Rabies, Distemper and Parvo vaccinations.  For puppies we only require you have your first round of  vaccinations and that you are current according to your veterinarian’s protocol.  You can also have your vet fax the information to 919-590-1530


Classes range in price from $90 to $175 depending on the class and how many weeks the class session is. Pool Rental is $1 per minute after an orientation or class Training Space rental is $10-$40 depending on the space, equipment and length of time. Drop off Programs start at $40 per day for puppies and up to $45 for adult dogs


We don’t have scheduled hours because this is not a dog park and all activities are by appointment or scheduled as in classes.  You can visit our class schedule to see what is going on or call and schedule a visit to see the facility


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