Practice  and Activities

When we don’t have a workshop or class we allow you to reserve time to use our space for play or training.  Your dog is off leash and having a great time with you.  We also have some fun organized dog games that are perfect for an evening or afternoon out with your dog.

Individual Manners and ConfidenceTraining

Discover how much fun you can have training with your dog!  Your dog is off leash and trainig and you are working with distractions   Each training session is $50 and covers an additional 30 min practice visit.   We show you equipment and help you work on basic manners.  It’s all fun!  Request a Track Orientation. There are no other dogs in your rented area.  

Group Activities  please check the Activity Calendar for dates and times

Obstacle Challenge games:   We challenge your dog’s mind and your relationship with fun games like Man in the Middle and Simon Says  We use mats jumps tunnels and other fun stuff.  A great way to practice impulse control. Track Zoom:  Scheduled times when we take our dogs and all walk the track.  This is a leashed activity where you can practice and hone your dog’s leash skills.  We play tunes and have fun obstacles up so your dog can walk up over and through while you complete your journey.  Weekday Daytime Activity Passes: You can come and participate in any or all activities on our day calendar
Dog maze
Obedience and Rally Lap it Up has a full set of AKC rally signs, Obedience jumps and ring gates.  You can set up a full size ring for Rally or Obedience.  You can reserve the Lower Level and have access to all of the practice equipment.
Agility Lap it Up has all of the full sized contact equipment 6 tunnels, tire, double, triple and wing jumps.  We also have TDAA size equipment.  You can reserve the Lower Level for practice.
Nosework We have an entire area of our facility dedicated to Nosework.  We have containers and boxes for searching as well as a maze of walls to add interest to the game.
Competition Obedience Dog agility Practice Canine nosework


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 We  do not have group play times, all reservations are private time with just you and your dog enjoying the equipment and toys. We do have group activities that are on leash or turn based.

Training and practice space rental (see the reservation calendar for availability)