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What is important for your puppy to lean? Lots of folks say..... walk nice on leash, sitting, coming when called, not jumping on people and not stealing food from counters.  Although those behaviors are important and should be addressed some of the most important behaviors for your new puppy to lean are not on that lat list at all.  It all starts with a Puppy Socialization Passport and some fun off leash training inside our building.  Puppies are given priority admittance into our day program.

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Puppy I- off leash   Saturdays 10:30-11:30 We help you prioritize behaviors which will set you and your dog up for learning success for the rest of your dog’s life.  The behaviors below have a short window of opportunity.  All of these are taught in our Puppy I class along with some fun manners and practice working around dogs and people.  Don’t wait until the puppy is at the end for the socialization period to work in these behaviors.  A good puppy class can be safer than taking your dog for a walk. Bite Inhibition and how to play nice Visit to the pool Learning that people and things in the environment are not scary Learning how to settle AKA Impulse control Learning how to be handled How to work off leash with sit down stand and follow How to integrate training into your everyday life Socialization surprises like pool intro and local singing groups drop in Every puppy is given a puppy socialization passport so you can organize your socialization Separation Anxiety Puppy II-off leash Continuing the obedience and manners while working off leash **For puppies that complete Puppy I and Puppy II successfully are guaranteed admission into our upcoming program Canine Country Club (details soon)!


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Puppy raising and socialization for busy people  Give your puppy a Passport to Success while you are at work.  We work on all major components for raising a puppy.    8 weeks - 20 weeks.  $40 per day.  After that your puppy can participate in our regular day training program.   Off leash learning of come, sit down and stay during play so your puppy has an integrated learning experience. Proper play with dogs and people Bite Inhibition Prevention of Separation Anxiety Crate Training Potty Training Field trips with your puppy to local business so they are properly introduced to strangers, noises, and objec
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We offer a puppy consultation and packet for new puppy owners.  email us for information

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Can’t find a puppy class that meets your schedule or needs?  Private sessions on your schedule  to help you work with your new puppy and give it a proper start in life.  $25 per lesson