Our pool is in a separate room that you reserve.  Humans are not allowed in the pool due to health department regulations but you are actively participating in your dog’s swim.  You can throw toys, walk them down the ramp and provide lots of encouragement.  Your dog is off leash and having a great time!

Swim Class This is required for dogs that do not swim or have very limited experience with swimming 

This is a group class with approximately 4 dogs (private 30 min class are available).  During this time your

dog will be gradually introduced to the water and the pool.  The trainer will give lots of help and specific

instruction on how best to work with your dog.  The class is required for any dog that does not have a lot of

experience swimming and takes the place of the orientation.  Find a swim class   After you open the link use

the green plus sign (found next to the class) to add your reservation.  If there are no classes on the schedule

or you want to arrange a private lesson if your dog can’t be around other dogs give us a call 919-455-6001.

Pool Orientation The Pool Orientation is for dogs that are comfortable swimming and have lots of

experience.   Cost is $25 for 20 min.   During this time a staff member will instruct you on how to best

introduce your dog to our pool.  Even dogs that swim can feel a bit strange when faced with a pool and we

help overcome the hesitation.  Multiple dogs from the same household can join together (extra fee applies)

but we suggest you get them used to the pool one at a time prior to having them swim together.  Email for

appointment.  Once complete you may book time at the pool when it is convenient for you.

Rehabilitation Swims If you’re looking for rehabilitation swimming for a dog that has had surgery or

to improve mobility and health we recommend you contact Dr. Lauren Whitley.  She uses the pool as part of

her rehab program and will assist your dog in the pool to insure proper form and appropriate exercise.  Using

Dr. Whitley will take the place of the orientation or swim class.  She assists your dog and makes sure you

are doing the proper exercise for your dog.

PLEASE NOTE No children under the age of 14 may be in the pool area. We have a large window for viewing Health department regulations state that no humans are to be in the pool. You may walk your dog down the ramp.

Swim Class or  Orientation? 

Some dogs need a bit more encouragement and help before they are comfortable in the water or even in a pool. We have life vests for your dog to use if they need a little assistance swimming. Most dogs with time and patience come to really enjoy the activity. Lap it Up has two ways we introduce your dog to our pool.  Any dog that does not swim, is shy or hesitant around water or only splashes and plays without swimming will need the swim class.  Dogs that swim in lakes, ponds or pools will need the orientation.
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Once you have been introduced to the pool with a swim class, orientation or through Dr. Whitley, you may go to the calendar and reserve the pool for your private use.  We currently do not have group swim times but you can arrange group swims with your friends but we have certain requirements to keep the dogs safe.