Wild to Wonderful Program

The program is being taught in a modular system to allow enough time and practice so you can build a strong foundation of behaviors that will make the core behaviors you are after (walking on leash,come when called, no jumping) much stronger and easier to achieve.  Once you sign up for a module you and your dog will team up with our trainer(s) and you may come to any or all of the classes we offer in that module as often as you like for 30 days.  On average that means for $50 you can come at least 5-7 times to learn, reinforce and practice what you need.  See below for a graphic explanation of the modules.  Download PDF info sheet
board and train


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Behaviors to be Achieved 

* Building the bond  * Sit, Down, Stay  * Polite Greeting  * Place (go to mat)  * Come when called  * Wait at doors  * Working around distractions